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Afar Construction Corporation has been engaged in various short-term plans of which construction of water supply, borehole drilling, sanitation, irrigation, road and dam are primarily focused. The Corporation also has a medium- and long-term plan to diversify its business and income stream through organizing a study and execution program for selected development businesses and investment projects such as production of different size aggregate from quarry, hollow block production, laboratory that carries out comprehensive chemical and bacteriological analysis of water sample and production of different size pipes.


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Establishment of the corporation and its powers and duties


1. Afar construction Corporation herein after referred to as the corporation has been established as independent and legal entity for indefinite time by virtue of this regulation, as government Development Agency of the regional State.
2.The corporation shall be accountable to Government Development Agencies Controlling Authority.

Establishment 2

3. The corporation shall be governed by proclamations, directives and regulations of government development agencies and relevant laws and implementation manuals to be development subject to this regulation.
4.The head office of the corporation shall be in Semera and branches may be opened at different parts of the region and the country as deemed necessary.


1. Ensuring regional economic growth and creating more employment opportunities for the people of the region by following the government's development policy and strategy to compete in the free market and generate additional revenue.
2. Ensuring public benefit by participating in the construction industry to fill market gaps and stabilize market prices
3. Realize the transition to industry as a technology innovation center

Powers and duties of the corporation I

1. Participation and local bids and carrying out construction of water resource development, water distribution channels, sewerage lines, drainage diversion and other civil works.
2.Carrying out housing and building construction with quality standard and in cost effective manner. 3.Carrying out construction and renovation maintenance of roads, bridges, ports, and railway and air ports.

Powers and duties of the corporation II

4. Carrying out deep well construction panting test, and electro mechanical of existing water wells, up grading of water wells, testing water volume and quality. Carrying out construction of irrigating dams and industrial structures. Carrying out maintenance and repair of construction equipment and machineries, vehicles and trucks, organize maintenance equipment garage and workshop and provide repair and maintenance service.
5.Renting construction equipment and machineries, ware houses and apartments.
6.Manufacturing of construction material, different pumps electro mechanical materials and other equipment.

Powers and duties of the corporation IIi

7. Administering irrigation dams constructed by government budget when appointed to administer by water, irrigation and minerals bureau.
8. Recruiting, assigning, training coaching and dismissing human resources required for the corporation
9. Opening and operating bank account up on authorization from the controlling authority, owning property, suing and being sued.
10. Participate on investment activities up on authorization of the authority.
11. Carrying out other related activities that help to achieve its objectives.

Mission i

To satisfy our customers by executing quality Water infrastructures and Buildings and Road Infrastructures (water well drilling ) and pumping test works, water supply construction and related works, irrigation development and dam construction, hydropower generating construction, road, building and other construction works by applying modern technology at competitive price, and

Mission ii

To be a technology innovation center so as to ensure organizational sustainability and competence by transforming the Corporation into production/manufacturing of quality construction goods and materials used as input to construction works at competitive price and satisfy our customers.


By 2020 EC,
we aspire to be a competent Construction Corporation in Ethiopia that executes overall construction works using higher standard technologies and productivity level.


• Quality first
• Commitment
• Creativity
• Transparency
• Accountability
• Team work
• Respect for customers and
• Wise use of time and resources

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Afar Construction Corporation is a multi-disciplinary Construction Corporation headquartered in Semera with qualified and experienced technical experts knowledgeable in the field of Engineering, providing construction services in a wide range of civil construction works. Our focus on sustainability and efficiency ensures that we work on projects that positively impact the communities we serve. We take pride in delivering high-quality results and value building relationships with our clients to better understand their unique needs. Additionally, we offer full project management services so that our clients can have peace of mind knowing that their project is in good hands from start to finish.







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General Overview

Based on the implemented organizational arrangements of the Federal government that separately set the mandates and duties of public sector offices and government development organizations across regional states and at federal level, the government of the Afar National Regional State has separated the Construction and Irrigation Development Sector from Water Resource Bureau and established the regional Irrigation Development and Water Construction Authority in 1994 E.C. Afterwards a need had arisen to establish a new government enterprise, through merging the aforementioned organizations, that works other related construction works and administer itself by its own income/revenue. That is, the Afar Water Works Construction Enterprise was first established in 1998 E.C.

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